Extremely Rare ORIGINAL Pencil Drawing by Jerry Garcia - Private Collection

Once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire and own a very personal original drawing by Jerry - from his personal collection.
This purchase includes a private 30 minute call with Manasha Garcia to discuss the drawing and others - a remarkable special event for the buyer!


Description of work of art:

A pencil drawing on a sheet torn from a sketchbook, overall size 6” X 8.5”. Perforations Intact. The subject matter is extremely unusual for this artist, presumably representing Garcia with his youngest child, Keelin.   The drawing was made in 1992, when Keelin was five years old. The personal nature of the statement is unique in Garcia’s oeuvre, and shows a figure symbolizing the artist, sitting at the threshold of a house, holding his daughter and gazing into the landscape outside. The viewpoint is from within the house, in which, behind the open door, a strange chair is shown, with restraints hanging from the arms and legs of the chair.

Contrasted with the stark interior is the sense of space and freedom outside the house, where a bird flies in the open sky above a line of houses. The two figures are hopeful and tenderly connected, sitting in light which casts its shadows inward. The landscape is the view from the family home in Nicasio. 

The personal calligraphy is unmistakably Garcia’s. The pencil technique compares with other known and signed pencil works and is authentic and solely the work of Jerry Garcia. Provenance confirms this evaluation.

Provenance, signature, date, documentation: 

Drawn during the period 1990-1992 during which the artist filled many small sketchbooks, and it was held in the household Garcia shared with Manasha Matheson-Garcia and Keelin Garcia.

Signed, dated 1997 on reverse by Manasha Matheson-Garcia. Otherwise unsigned.

Examined by Roberta Weir on Sept 19, 1997

This description and provenance taken directly from Weir Gallery Graphics COA.

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