"Just received the print. My wife loves it...it looks great. Many thanks for the extra effort getting this to us."

-Michael C.

Kansas City, MO

“The prints are beautiful, so amazing someone is finally making Jerry’s art available to us”

-Beverly H.

Denver, Colorado

“I met my future wife at a Dead concert at Meadlowlands in 1988, bought a framed print and my wife was in tears when she opened it. Beautiful work guys, thank you”

-Brian S.

New York, NY

“I can’t believe someone finally is doing this right! I can now afford Jerry’s art for my place with limited editions – have been searching for years and it was out of my price range. THANK YOU!”

-Jonathan W.

Spokane, WA

“Got my prints today, awesome and thank you.”

-Bryce D.

Asheville, NC

“I just received “Wetlands I”, “Dawn at the Ritz”, and “Deal” this was my husbands 50th birthday present. He won’t cry at a movie but he did when he saw them. Great work and beautifully done.”

-Kathy Y.

Austin, TX

“Just got my prints today, colors are amazing and paper quality is first rate, great value and love that they are limited. You guys are onto something."

-Bob J.

Fresno, CA

“I have seen lots of attempts over the years with various artists, thanks for paying attention to how these are made and materials used, you have your s*** together.”

-Martin L.

San Francisco, CA

“We already had two prints from years ago, and never thought we would see a collection again, let alone works we had never even read about, the beauty, price, and value is incredible. Thank you for sharing!”

-Betsy W

Los Angeles, CA

“I gave my Dad “Grisman / Garcia” for his birthday this week – he freaked. I grew up listening to Jerry Garcia and the Dead and he loved it. Thanks again!”

-Steve S.

Littleton, CO