Exclusive StraxArt™ WORLD PREMIERE Interview with "DAWG" David Grisman! Don't miss this!


Once again we are blown away and speechless - on October of this year the StraxArt™ team found itself backstage at the Hamilton Theatre in Washington D.C. with the iconic David Grisman and his band.  His lovely wife and son were there (so much talent in one room you cannot imagine) and we were able to hang with David and get the interview of a lifetime.  This is a three part series, and part 1 is "David - how did the "Not for Kids Only" artwork happen??"  For the first time ever, hear it from David himself - mesmerizing.  (Part 2 and 3 will be released soon and here's a hint:  Pizza Tapes...What happened between "Old and In the Way" and "Garcia / Grisman" ?...lot's of years there...Don't miss it friends - its insanely great!) 

For those of you that are hardcore art collectors - we asked David to do something very special - would he sign a special set of "Not for Kids Only" prints? He only signed TEN stunning prints of "Not for Kids Only" that night - we had them specially framed in black - this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

*Special thanks to Jeremy Bergstein on this one, and the whole crew at StraxArt: Lee, Ryan, Denny, Steve, Irwin, David in Oregon, new friends and old...

"Not for Kids Only" by Jerry Garcia
Special Collectors Edition Hand Signed by David Grisman