About Our Team

The Jerry Garcia Collection is a collaborative effort between the Jerry Garcia Family LLC, and Strax Technologies Inc. (the makers of StraxArt™).  

All of us on the team are what happens when the artist in us smashes into our digital side - an explosion of love for all things art and music are expressed via digital technology.

In line with our values and passion for art, the Jerry Garcia Collection will continually present access to the magical and beautiful art of Jerry Garcia.  Many of the works presented here have never been seen, and most will be available for sale as limited edition prints or other art products true to the art of Jerry Garcia.

StraxArt™ is changing the way art is consumed around the world. We are a forward-thinking technology company focused on democratizing access to the world's great artists, similar to what leading streaming services and platforms have done for music, film, and television. 

Thank you for coming and please visit often, the content on this site will be ever-changing...

The StraxArt™ Team:

Eric Singleton, Lee West, Ryan Thomas, Denny Klaesner, Bob Blanchard & all our friends who love art and Jerry Garcia!