Jerry Garcia was more than an icon, more than a brilliant musician and artist. Jerry was an unstoppable beautiful force woven into the fabric of our culture spanning generations. The "Jerry Garcia Collection" is a project that has opened the doors for us to see even more sides to Jerry Garcia. Through the magic of his art, we can experience a brief but intimate look into the mind of a man who seemed to be able to channel the best the universe has to offer through himself, and make sense of it all for the rest of us. From the profound to the whimsical, the sketches done backstage or in the park, wherever Jerry was he always seemed to be creating and sharing.
Many of the pieces here have never been seen, and are remarkable in both their depth or playfulness, depending on Jerry's mood and what he was doing at the time. As in all great art, one can look at his paintings and sketches a hundred times, and always find something new that was missed before. We have studied this collection almost daily since it was launched, and each day discover something new.
Like the man, the art of Jerry Garcia is truly infinite.
By Eric Singleton