Airbrush Cards (AKA DEAL), Late 1980's

Card stock and airbrush

This edition limited to 500

“Experimenting with airbrush and stencils, Jerry using imagery from his life at the time. Potentially made while built to last album cover work was being done. I call this one “deal” because of the cards and coins, a definite gamble theme. This piece is very interesting in person where you can see the different layers of paper and lines cut with a razor. One of the few times he played around with stencils, there isn’t another piece quite like this.”

- Trixie Garcia

Each print features the printed or embossed seal of the “Jerry Garcia Family Bona Fide Article”. Also included, Jerry Garcia's signature that is Jerry's official signature provided by “The Jerry Garcia Family LLC” and a Certificate of Authenticity. We offer two stunning frame selections, both being solid wood from sustainable forests which will last a lifetime. Our black frame is excellent for highlighting color and bringing out contrast, and our gold is a classic frame that looks beautiful with all the prints in the collection.

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