The "Jerry Garcia Music and Art Celebration" Recap!

August 14, 2018


The "Jerry Garcia Music and Art Celebration" just concluded Sunday at the Hamilton Live in Washington D.C. and was a resounding success!  We arrived on Wednesday night and set up a beautiful collection of Jerry's art all around the venue, and created digital backdrops of such incredible works as "FISH" and "California Mission" and "Wetlands 1" behind the bands that played for the entire event.  

Few of us will forget the site of John Kadlecik and his band playing in front of "California Mission" where it literally looked like they were in the trees playing in front of the Mission itself - or John ripping a solo in front of "FISH" - elegantly reversed to white on black by Daniel Schwartz of the Hamilton.  It was all simply beautiful to see.  Thanks to the Hamilton Live, and all the bands that performed during the series; John Kadlecik, Live Dead & Riders 69, Dead on Live, and The Garcia Project.  It was an amazing four nights of peace, music, celebration and honoring Jerry, and feeling him and seeing him all around us.  Special thanks to our team on site (Lee, Ryan, Jennifer, Eric), Garcia Family Provisions, Red Light Management, and Stonehenge Licensing for all their support!  


Eric and Lee

Here are some pics that we wanted to share and more to come!: