The Cotati Caberet Setlist - Never before seen - for Jerry's fans...

July 10, 2019

The Cotati Caberet Setlist - Never before seen - for Jerry's fans...


A few weeks ago we sent out handwritten setlist from our archives - just to share - and the feedback was pretty awesome - so we got inspired to share more.

When we were up at the Capitol Theatre for Jerry's Birthday (blog post coming on that amazing event!) we had one printed and fellow Deadheads really were digging we decided to create a special limited edition and print them.  These have never been seen before and we are SO excited to share!

This one is what we called the Cotati Cabaret setlist - because it's written on the Cotati Cabaret envelope!  (Clever huh?) We dig it because we found it amongst the treasures we were so graciously permitted to access when we built the Jerry Garcia Collection, and well, it's pretty cool.

I will leave you to ponder the content in your own way - there are many of you who have really profound insights into Jerry and each song and why this list is what it is.  For us, we find ourselves endlessly pondering what Jerry was thinking when he decided to play that night...

Tell us if, as fans of Jerry's art, you would like to see more - we have been breathless, silent, and emotional with some of the poetic and thought-provoking works of Jerry we've held in our hands.  Tip of the hat to our friends that finally told us that we should open this part of the collection up:)

Peace and be safe all,

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