StraxArt™ to Debut Exclusive Art Collection from Jerry Garcia, Peter Max, Marty Noble, and Eartha Kitt at Lovelight Yoga + Art Festival

September 08, 2018

StraxArt™ to Debut Exclusive Art Collection from Jerry Garcia, Peter Max, Marty Noble, and Eartha Kitt at Lovelight Yoga + Art Festival

Reisterstown, MD, August 2018 – StraxArt™, the principal brand of parent company Strax Technologies Inc., official worldwide licensee of Jerry Garcia’s artworks and innovative firm behind a new wave of limited edition digital art collections and film experiences, including the popular onlined “Jerry Garcia Collection”, is proud to announce the global debut of the “Lovelight Collection” at the Lovelight Yoga and Arts Festival 2018, in Reisterstown, MD.

This first ever collection will bring together the magic, inspirational imagery, and beauty of the artworks of Jerry Garcia, Peter Max, Marty Noble, and the writings of pioneering actress and singer Eartha Kitt. For decades this remarkable group of artists have brought joy to millions via their visual art masterpieces, musicianship, and in the case of Eartha Kitt, her groundbreaking stage and screen performances. Original works inaccessible or never seen by the public from Peter Max, Jerry Garcia, Marty Noble, and Eartha Kitt will be on exhibit and also displayed as digital masterpieces integrated with music and celebratory events throughout the weekend. 

“Lovelight is the perfect place to debut these visionary works by icons of the Woodstock era,” said Lovelight co-founder, Wynne Paris. “The festival celebrates the same ideals of peace and love that inspired them. With Goddess Rising as our festival theme, Eartha Kitt’s intricate and wide-ranging talent will be admired and her life story inspirational.

Now in its third year, the Lovelight Yoga and Art Festival attracts a diverse community of all ages who celebrate life with yoga, create community with music and enliven themselves over a chant-filled, art-filled weekend. The Lovelight art collection will be a part of future Lovelight Festivals, including the June 28-July 1, 2019 weekend at Waterloo Concert Field in New Jersey that will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival that took place in 1969.

Lovelighters will be able to view and purchase original works and official limited-edition fine art prints by Jerry Garcia, Peter Max, Marty Noble, and Eartha Kitt in one of the largest public exhibit collections of the artists ever assembled. StraxArt™ was granted access to original artworks by the artists or their estates, and will also present several works never before seen by the public at the exclusive event.

In sharing Jerry’s artwork, I get to share what his mind was like off of the stage; the kind of things hed like to do to keep his hands busy. I feel like artwork kept his mind challenged and stimulated," said Trixie Garcia, daughter of Jerry Garcia,So I partnered with these guys so we can get his entire life's work online for people to look at and examine.

“This collection is giving the world a window into a different side of my mother,” said Eartha Kitt’s daughter, Kitt Shapiro, about her mother’s words and wisdom. “Whether my mother was onstage, on a set, or at home digging in her vegetable garden, she was always writing down her thoughts, feelings, and observations.” She coined them Kittisms. People close to her loved to soak up her philosophy.  After she died I created a little book with many of these writings and gave them as gifts to important people in her life.  I was touched by the impact that her words had on everyone and I began to share her wisdom on social media.  The Eartha Kitt Collection is a result of fans old and new relating to her profound and timeless insights.

“My desire to immerse myself in the beauty of the world has been my unending inspiration, said Marty Noble, “Lovelight to me is about being uplifted and creating an ideal world, one of visual and spiritual beauty - it’s wonderful to be able to contribute to it in such a meaningful way.”

We are truly honored to represent the artists we are featuring in the Lovelight Collection around the world," said Eric Singleton, CTO of Strax Technologies Inc. Our innovative application of unique technologies toward the fusion of fine art, music, and the augmented digital experience allows us to open new doors to the discovery and understanding of artistic expression like never before. The technology we employ enables us to create stunning works as sustainably sourced heirloom pieces, to be enjoyed and shared for generations.”

Strax Technologies will continue to present new limited edition works going forward, and will also hold select live events fulfilling the mission to make the art of Jerry Garcia, Marty Noble, Eartha Kitt and others accessible to millions of fans worldwide.

“The goal of this event is to not only make the art more approachable, but also to create a dialogue between this vast body of work across all mediums,” says Lee West, Creative Officer for Strax Technologies Inc. “Ultimately we would love to see the lines start to blur between the music being performed on stage and the art on display. That’s part of why it’s so amazing we have the opportunity to unveil never before seen works of art and other writings, which, in the case of Jerry Garcia, is the intersection of his visual art and his music.”

“It’s a landmark event”, said Steve Kranz, COO of Stonehenge Licensing Consultants LLC, and partner with Strax Technologies, “after months of planning we are beyond excited to be able to share this with the public.”

We greatly appreciate how Strax makes art accessible and engages new audiences in ways that excite them.” said Kim Maddox, co-founder of Lovelight. As Lovelight is a multi-generational event, the Lovelight Collection offers something for everyone to explore. Welcoming this collection provides access to Lovelighters who have admired these icons for decades and, for the first time, others will marvel at their incredible contributions. Digital access and applying a fresh multi-media approach to classic pieces provides a foundation for the love of art to grow.

This unique showing of the most sought after works by Jerry Garcia, Peter Max, Marty Noble and Eartha Kitt will be at the Lovelight Festival in Reisterstown MD., September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Don’t miss this opportunity to view, and purchase art by four remarkable cultural icons!

About The LoveLight Collection

The “LoveLight Collection”, “Jerry Garcia Collection”, “Eartha Kitt Collection”, and “Marty Noble Collection” features art and writings from the Garcia, Kitt, and Noble private family archives respectively. This limited-edition collection is full of museum quality prints that include an estate certificate of authenticity. The “LoveLight Collection” is brought to everyone as a collaboration between Strax Technologies Inc., and Jerry Garcia Family Provisions, LLC, Eartha Kitt Productions, LLC., and Marty Noble. Strax Technologies Inc. creates, digitizes and modernizes the accessibility, distribution, and printing of fine and unique art and related products.